What They’re Saying About EB-5

What They’re Saying About EB-5

“Fortunately, there is something Congress can do that upholds the libertarian vision of immigration as enhancing the liberty and prosperity of both immigrants and current citizens. Even better for Republicans, it involves reversing an Obama policy. I am talking about the EB-5 investor visa program…

“A commonsense program like the EB-5 visa that opens the door to those seeking to invest in America to create new jobs should be a part of any immigration reform considered by Congress.”
Ron Paul, Former Congressman from Texas, Fox News (3/21/18)

“There is… one program that, over the course of its quarter century existence, has delivered consistently on its promise of bringing lawful immigrants to our shores as investors and job creators: the EB-5 visa program…

“The program works. It meets every positive criteria the administration has laid out for immigration reform. Reauthorizing and expanding the EB-5 visa program must be part and parcel of any DACA legislation or other immigration-focused legislation. Failure to do so should not be an option.”
Bob Barr, Former Congressman from Georgia, The Daily Caller (2/15/18)

“Making more EB-5 visas available would mean more merit-based immigration of the type Trump seems to prefer, assuming that financial success is one means through which to measure such merit, while also bringing more crucial investment into the United States.”
Veronique de Rugy, Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center at George Mason University, Reason (2/15/18)

“If President Trump is serious about wanting to shape immigration policy to be part of his plan to make American great again, there is at least one category of immigrant he should urge Congress to expand — the EB-5 visa program.”

Brian McNicoll, Former Communications Director, House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform, The Washington Times (2/13/18)

“The bottom line is that the EB-5 program ought to be a slam-dunk. It attracts people who will create jobs and can’t possibly be considered a burden on taxpayers by ending up on the welfare rolls…

“To remain competitive in the fight to attract economically successful migrants, not only should Obama-era regulations seeking to limit the EB-5 program be withdrawn, but it would be wise for a DACA or broader immigration package to also simplify the EB-5 program and raise the cap.”

Daniel J. Mitchell, Chairman, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, The Hill (3/18/18)

“The EB-5 Program generates money to create jobs in economically distressed areas. $30 million of a $87 million project is from EB-5.”
Gary Gorman, Founder, Gorman & Co., Fox Business (4/3/18)

“This is a way to rebuild our community, doing it a very traditional way, through entrepreneurs and capitalists.”
Larry Morrissey, Former Mayor, Rockford, IL, Fox Business (4/3/18)

“EB-5 immigrants have invested at least $20 billion in the U.S. economy since 2008, with over $5 billion invested in 2017 alone.

“Projects associated with EB-5 investments have created over 174,000 jobs, which equates to approximately 16 jobs per investor.

“The EB-5 program benefits both the immigrants and American businesses. In addition to giving foreign investors access to opportunities in the American market, the EB-5 program also gives U.S. businesses access to capital they may not otherwise have.”
Jacqueline Varas, Director of Immigration & Trade Policy, American Action Forum, Research report (1/24/18)

“The public interest is well served by the flexibility granted to EB-5 investors and their American partners to operate and make investment decisions… we also recommend that USCIS carefully limits changes to regulations to the authority granted within existing law, and should, to the extent authorized, defer investment decisions to investors to preserve and promote economic efficiency, and to protect immigrant investors.”

Jeremy L. Neufeld, Immigration Policy Fellow, The Niskanen Center, Comments submitted to USCIS (6/28/17)

“In recent years, the EB-5 immigrant investor program has seen significant growth. Currently capped at 10,000 visas per year, it is the only immigrant program that doesn’t create any new competition for domestic workers… This is a win for America.”
Andrew F. Quinlan, Co-founder and president, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, The Washington Times (5/1/18)

“The classic example of merit based immigration is the EB-5 Visa Program.”

“Investment capital is the foundation for new jobs and rising wages. Instead of competing with domestic American workers, EB-5 immigrants create new jobs for American workers.”

Peter J. Ferrara, Analyst, The Heartland Institute (5/18/2018)

“Immigrants who unambiguously increase the nation’s per-capita gross domestic product are a win-win. That’s the goal of the EB-5 program…

“These individuals come to the United States to create American jobs, while insourcing foreign cash and infusing that wealth into projects that build up American infrastructure. The program arguably should be vastly expanded because every visa given out will bring home jobs and cash.

“The EB-5 program is merit-based immigration that President Trump supports.”

Dan Mitchell, Co-founder and chairman of the board, Center for Freedom and Prosperity, The Washington Times (5/29/2018)