Michael Chertoff

Co-founder, the Chertoff group; former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security under President George W. Bush

"Programs like EB-5 that encourage foreign investment in the United States provide multiple benefits to our country. By granting provisional visas to foreign investors, we create jobs in America and also generate a positive image of America globally. EB-5 applicants are subject to rigorous background checks for security. Equally, we must maintain the integrity and quality of the investments."

Vermont’s $30 million West Lake Water Project, funded in part by the EB-5 program, will build a reservoir increasing snowmaking capacity at the Mount Snow ski resort, allowing it to store six times as much water it does now.

Henry Cisneros

Co-Chair, Housing Commission of the Bipartisan Policy Center; former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under President Bill Clinton; former Mayor of San Antonio, TX

"The EB-5 Regional Center Program is an extremely effective tool for generating new economic activity and revitalizing communities like my hometown of San Antonio, now one of the fastest growing cities in America. This program empowers businesses to make the kind of forward-looking investments that put Americans to work and help local economies thrive."

Thomas J. Kelly

former President of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association and Local Union No. 19, Philadelphia, PA

“When global investment dollars are pumped into our economy through the EB-5 program, America’s sheet metal workers get on the job, channeling those investments into the kind of critical construction and infrastructure projects that are strengthening and connecting economies across America. Since its creation in the early 90’s, EB-5 has helped generate tens of thousands of good jobs for hard working Americans and was nothing less than a lifeline during the recent economic downturn, as other sources of construction capital dried up. Bottom line: EB-5 works for working Americans, and we cannot afford to lose this vital program.”

Angel Taveras

former Democratic Mayor of Providence, RI

"A cornerstone of my economic development plan, 'Putting Providence Back to Work,’ was establishing an EB-5 Regional Center Program. As a mayor, it was critical to establish public-private partnerships like EB-5 to attract new capital to our city and our state. EB-5 is an important tool for economic development and to grow jobs in our cities across the country."

In the News

Mayor Steve Benjamin

"As mayor of Columbia, my No. 1 priority is creating jobs and economic prosperity in our city. Attracting investment is critical to this goal, which is why I’ve been a strong advocate for the EB-5 Regional Center Program, a federal initiative that’s created more than 1,300 jobs in South Carolina — at no cost to taxpayers.” Read the full story

U.S. Conference of Mayors

"The United States Conference of Mayors urges Congress to reauthorize the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program through legislation including additional visa capacity, ensuring that any reform of the EB-5 regional center program maintains the ability to deliver job-creating capital to urban areas, includes permanent authorization of the regional center program….and enhances program integrity measures through improved reporting requirements and oversight that is not unduly burdensome.” Read the full story

Mayor Marilyn Strickland

“Combined, these two projects represent more than $210 million in foreign direct investment recently committed to converting former City assets into privately held tax and job creation uses… Both developers have committed to hiring development teams from the Puget Sound region, and these multi-million dollar projects will help support our economy through local and regional contractors who hire from our community.” – Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, Tacoma Weekly

Harry C. Alford

President/CEO National Black Chamber of Commerce

“The National Black Chamber of Commerce is going to promote [the EB-5 program] for our blighted Black communities. We are in the beginning stages of developing a prototype. The first two markets will be the San Francisco Bay Area and New Orleans. We see investors coming from all continents in the world. We envision projects bringing wealth to our entrepreneurs and vast jobs for our people.” Read the full story

Ike Brannon

Economist, George W. Bush Institute

“[EB-5] has proven to be quite successful at achieving precisely what it was designed to do: stimulate investment and create jobs at zero cost to the government… Congress should be wary of making major changes to a program that’s working.” Read the full story

Angel Brunner

President, EB5 Capital

“People around the world continue to invest their hard-earned money in America’s investor visa program over those of other nations because they believe our ingenuity, entrepreneurship and integrity will deliver results. And as someone who has overseen a number of EB-5 funded projects in the D.C. area and beyond, I can assure you they do deliver.” Read the full story

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Sheldon Adelson

“[The] EB-5 ‘immigrant investor program,’ created by Congress in 1990, was intended to allow a limited number of foreigners with financial resources or unique abilities to move to our country, bringing with them substantial and enduring purchasing power […] People willing to invest in America and create jobs deserve the opportunity to do so.” Read the full story

Yvonne Yolie Capin

City Councilwoman, Tampa, FL

"[T]he Employment-Based EB-5 Program is a tool that when used properly has the potential to bring hundreds of millions of dollars to our city and create thousands of jobs, as it has in other cities and states." Read the full story

Ray Caroll

Supervisor, Pima County, AZ

“EB-5 visas are obviously a godsend for rural infrastructure across the United States.” Read the full story

Jeff Carr

President and Senior Economist, Economic & Policy Resources, Inc

“If Congress lets the EB-5 Regional Center Program expire, it will put thousands of existing jobs in jeopardy. And if it reforms the way we calculate “Targeted Employment Areas” without an equitable balance to encourage investments across rural, and urban and suburban areas, it will disadvantage thousands of future jobs against foreign competition. EB-5 has a proven record of attracting foreign direct investment to the United States; let’s clear the political road blocks from its path.” Read the full story

Marty Cummins

President, Florida EB-5 Investments LLC

“During the Great Recession the EB-5 visa program funded businesses that couldn’t get funding from any other source, and it still provides much needed capital. The program provides “patient,” low-cost capital that allows businesses the time to develop and flourish. Many of these jobs will simply cease to exist if Congress fails to renew this successful program.” Read the full story

Jeff DeBoer

President, Real Estate Roundtable

“The Real Estate Roundtable strongly supports the EB-5 program. It provides unique gap financing for large and small projects across the nation and creates American jobs at no cost to taxpayers.  Congress should extend EB-5 regional centers before they expire on September 30, 2015, and at the same time make needed reforms to improve the integrity, administration and transparency of the program.” Read the full story

Tom Donohue

President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“The list of projects that have been fueled by EB-5 investments is deep and diverse, including construction of hotels, schools, technology centers, and nursing homes across the country. The program has also provided funding for multiple infrastructure projects, such as port expansion in Baltimore or the building of a highway interchange in Southeast Pennsylvania. If Congress fails to renew the EB-5 Regional Center Program, these and other significant economic development projects, along with thousands of pending investor petitions, will be stopped in their tracks. There is no justification for allowing it to lapse.” Read the full story

Bob Goodlatte

Congressman, R-VA

“[EB-5] is a tremendous boon to our economy.” Read the full story

Chuck Grassley

Senator, R-IA

“The EB-5 regional center program was created to benefit American communities through investment and job creation. In many instances the program has helped combat a stagnant economy.” Read the full story

Patrick Leahy

Senator, D-VT

“I have long championed the EB-5 Regional Center Program because of its job creation potential in Vermont and in other states, with no cost to American taxpayers.” Read the full story

Ali Noorani

National Immigration Forum

“We should not end a program that costs taxpayers nothing and is geared toward job creation for U.S. workers. The EB-5 visa program brings foreign capital into the United States to help public-private partnerships finance myriad development projects across the nation.” Read the full story

Rand Paul

Senator, R-KY

“It’s a great way to bring capital to our country and good people who want to be part of what America’s all about. I’m very supportive.” Read the full story

Betsy Price

Republican Mayor of Fort Worth, TX

“Fort Worth has always been an All-American city and one of the fastest growing of its size in the U.S. Through our [EB-5] partnership with Civitas, we will continue to foster a thriving business environment and create jobs while raising the profile of Fort Worth among international investors." Read the full story

Jeff Sessions

Senator, R-AL

“The establishment of this [EB-5] Regional Center is great news for Alabama workers and our growing economy. With so many top tier companies choosing to locate here, Alabama is becoming known around the world as a great place to do business.. The Alabama Center for Foreign Investment will help attract even more foreign capital by assisting entrepreneurs who want to come to Alabama and invest their money in our local communities.” Read the full story

Ben Shelly

President, Navajo Nation

”The EB-5 program gives us the opportunity to receive capital and the business acumen from foreign investors. This is a great program to be a part of." Read the full story

Peter Shumlin

Democratic Governor of Vermont

"We are seeing more investment in our mountains. It all means jobs, out-of-staters coming to Vermont and falling in love, realizing they came to the promised land and wanting to stay here and wanting to raise their families and create more jobs.” Read the full story

Rick Snyder

Republican Governor of Michigan

"[Approving an EB-5 Regional Center] is an important step in helping harness top talent and international direct investment into the state to continue and accelerate Michigan’s comeback. [… ] Our state needs outstanding talent to help drive the new economy. Immigrants are net job creators. In return, Michigan offers a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family." Read the full story

Greg Wing

Education Fund of America LLC

“In our many EB-5 funded schools across the country, each new job being created helps lift up a generation of young people who will have a better chance to succeed. Ultimately, our representatives in Congress need to look beyond the headlines and “champion” a program with the proven ability to provide vital capital to a variety of projects beyond commercial real estate that are creating long-lasting and positive impact.” Read the full story

U.S. Conference of Mayors

“The United States Conference of Mayors urges Congress to include a robust EB-5 Program through legislation including additional visas, ensuring that any reform of the EB-5 Program maintains the ability to deliver job-creating capital to urban areas, permanent authorization of the Regional Center Program, and streamlined approvals for all applications.” Read the full story