Reform & Extension Press Release

September 11, 2017

EB-5 Investment Coalition Reiterates Calls for Reform,
Welcomes Extension of Job-Creating EB-5 Regional Program

WASHINGTON, DC – The EB-5 Investment Coalition, a broad-based coalition representing EB-5 industry participants across the country, today released the following statement from Angelique Brunner, the EB-5 Investment Coalition’s Industry Membership Chair and Spokesperson, on Congress’ extension of the EB-5 Regional Center program:

“We welcome the decision by leaders in the House and Senate to extend the EB-5 Regional Center Program as part of the Continuing Resolution.

“The three-month extension presents an opportunity for Congress to seize the moment to finally pass permanent and meaningful reforms to prevent fraud, protect national security and strengthen the EB-5 program. We remain committed to working with stakeholders and Congress to implement strong integrity measures that will allow this job-creating program to continue to attract valuable investment to communities across our country.

“As part of the reform process, it’s becoming increasingly imperative that we also address issues of visa accessibility in order to maintain the viability of the EB-5 program. Inefficiencies in the administration of EB-5 have caused overwhelming processing delays resulting in more than seven-year waits for some families to gain residency in the United States – delays that are significantly compromising our ability to attract investors.

“Now is the time for Congress to enact these needed reforms to strengthen EB-5 for the long haul. Our Coalition looks forward to working with Members of both parties to achieve this end.”

About the EB-5 Investment Coalition:

The EB-5 Investment Coalition (EB-5IC) is a broad-based organization of businesses, industry leaders, trade associations and elected officials mobilizing around the shared mission of putting Americans to work by reauthorizing and strengthening the critical EB-5 Regional Center Program. For more information, please visit: