Letter to the Editor: Immigrant Visas Mean Job Creation

Letter to the Editor: Immigrant Visas Mean Job Creation

By Angelique Brunner
May 18, 2017
The New York Times

To the Editor:
Re “The Kushners and Their Golden Visas” (editorial, May 9):

The EB-5 Investment Program is bigger than any one company or project; the most important part of the immigrant visa program is creating jobs for Americans. I’ve worked with EB-5 for nearly 10 years; job creation is the focus of the program I know.

Through EB-5, my company has helped end “food deserts” in Washington, D.C., financed hotels to support a growing international airport, and invested in new retail, residential and senior living facilities that have helped restore abandoned historic properties and revitalize long-neglected neighborhoods.

In the process, the program has helped create at least 175,000 jobs across the country, offering hope and employment to neglected areas and forgotten communities, all at no cost to taxpayers.

For the EB-5 program to continue to deliver results, real reform is needed. That’s why I have repeatedly urged Congress to pass strong integrity measures to prevent fraud and protect national security. Tough regulatory oversight would strengthen EB-5 and prevent bad actors from abusing the program, without killing a job-creating program.


The writer is industry membership chairwoman and spokeswoman, EB-5 Investment Coalition.